Studio & Equipment
Slugfest's fully equipped, 1200 square foot printmaking studio is located just off Martin Luther King Blvd., convenient to both downtown Austin and the University of Texas. Equipment available includes a 34" x 60" Takach-Garfield electric litho press, a 30" x 50" Brand litho press, a 36" x 60" American French Tool intaglio press, a 12" x 24" Griffin intaglio press, a 20" x 30" Vandercook letterpress, a 17" x 22" proofing press (for woodcuts, linocuts, and type), and a large Nuarc flip top exposure unit (for photo litho and photo etching). The shop also has paper soaking trays, acid baths,aquatint box, hot plates and work tables. The shop is well lit and air conditioned.

Open Studio
Our studio is available by appointment and includes access to presses except the letterpress (see chart below). Letterpress rental has a different price structure (chart below) .Plates and paper are available for purchase. One of Slugfest's printers is usually available for free occasional assistance to open studio users. Intensive assistance is also available.

Full Day (8hours) $80.00. Letterpress $100
With Slugfest assistant $200.00
Half day (4 hours) $40.00. Letterpress $50
With Slugfest assistant >$100.00

Slugfest Membership
Membership is available for 6 month periods, and includes unlimited access, storage and other benefits. Six month membership is $125/month or $725 in advance.Technical assistance for less than a day is available for $25/hour and must be arranged in advance.

To reserve shop time and technical assistance, or to arrange editioning call Tom Druecker or Margaret Simpson at (512) 477-7204. Custom workshops are available by arrangement.

Contract Printing

Please contact us for pricing.

Slugfest Printmaking Workshop 1906 Miriam Avenue. Austin, TX 78722 (512) 477-7204